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We can help anyone in Texas obtain there CDL. Call us no matter where you live in Texas.


 How to get your CDL in Texas

  1. Obtain a Texas CDL Handbook at DPS or download for free from our site.
  2. Study Sections 1,2,3,5,6,11&14
  3. Test yourself using our free practice tests (General Knowledge/Airbrakes/Combination Vehicles and Permit test)
  4. Get your DOT Physical done. (usually costs $70-$80 Dollars)
  5. Take all 4 computer tests at DPS. (not available on-line must be completed at DPS)
  6. Call CDL Help to schedule your Truck practice and drive test.

In-Cab Airbrakes Test

The in-cab airbrakes test must be completed inside the truck with the DPS Examiner. Here is how it’s done; remember, you must recite these procedures out loud while doing the leak test procedures:

  • Set up: wheels chocked and engine running. Air at 120psi.
  • Push in yellow truck valve 1st then red trailer valve.
  • Turn off engine and put key in acc. Position. Air pressure will drop some and then stabilize.
  • Time the air gauge for 1 minute and tell examiner " the truck should not lose more than 3psi in a minute.
  • Push and hold brake pedal- time the air gauge for 1 minute "tell examiner the truck should not lose more than 4 psi in a minute.
  • Pump the brake pedal (this will lower the trucks air pressure.\) tell the examiner "the low pressure alarm should activate at 60psi or before.
  • Pump the brake pedal until the air valves on dash pop out (both) tell examiner "the air valves should pop out between 20-40psi.
  • This concludes the in-cab air-brakes test.

How To Perform A Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection